Travelling with kids – 5 tips For a Smooth Flight

I am excited to share 5 easy travelling tips for a smooth flight with the kids! Travelling is fun and travelling with kids does not need to be difficult or overwhelming. They are easy to do, super practical and will make the whole experience so much easier!


Travelling tips:

1. Dress Right

Simple and hassle-free clothes will make your life much easier, like backpacks, pants with elastic waistbands, across-the-body bags and slip on shoes. As for the little ones, it’s crucial to have a change of clothes for them in case of emergency. Also, since airports and planes tend to be pretty cold, I suggest bringing one or two sweaters. They will thank you for it!

Fun travelling with kids


2. Make sure they get their energy out

Before living to the airport, wake the kids up a bit earlier that you would normally do and let them play. If your airport has a play area for kids, you can let them play for a bit. If they manage to tire themselves out before the flight, you’re definitely in for a much more relaxing traveling experience!




3. Let them play with their food

Bring along some snacks that come in different shapes and colours that can be sorted, counted and traded. I also like to give my son gummy vitamins or chewing gum to help his sensitive ears during lift off and touch down.

playing with food

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4.  Let them play

Keeping your kids entertained is one of the keys to having a successful journey. To keep the experience fresh for them, make sure to introduce a new toy or activity for them one at a time as opposed to giving them all the options at once. I especially like travel-friendly activities and toys like magnetic bingo and colouring books. I also downloaded some fun apps on my IPad!

flying tips

Source: ABC News


5. Think Positive

Last, but definitely not least, keep in mind to stay positive. Things may no go as planned, but try to make the best out of it! Enjoy! This is a family vacation…yay!

Think positive

What is your favorite tip for a smooth flight with the kids?

  • Lavinia Lynch

    With kids things will never go exactly as planned. NO.5 Stay Positive is very very important. Great post!

  • Ha, ha. That’s true! Kids keep us on our feet at all time. Thanks!

  • Great tips! Thank you so much for linking up with Thursday
    Favorite Things.