Parents being judgmental – ha ha!


Here’s a video to all moms. The original version went viral and was seen by several millions of people, but then “pouf” it disappeared from youtube. If you have not seen this video, it’s a must see!

Here’s a funny video to all parents!

Certainly when you got pregnant, you quickly realized that you were surrounded by baby experts. (I know I was!) The odds are, pretty much everybody around you, just knew what was best for your baby and deliberately made you feel like their way was the BEST WAY.  Ah, the beauty of parenting!

Parents being judgmental

Motherhood is Beautiful

Regardless of our particular beliefs, we can all agree that motherhood is beautiful and probably the most rewarding experience we’ll ever get to experience. Motherhood certainly brings us together despite our beliefs and helps us learn from one another in our beautiful and challenging parenting journey.


Share this video to all parents regardless of their beliefs! Enjoy!

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