What is it about?

Every mom that I talk to is going through relatively the same thing: she is busy, tired, often feels overwhelmed and feels like she is juggling a million things at once.

Sounds familiar? Than you are at the right place!

Although being a mom is amazing, it’s not easy. With that in mind, Cool Busy Moms was created to reunite a community of all busy moms so that together we can live a more balanced and happy life.

I  will share the best stuff I find online to make your life easier:

You’ll find amazing recipes for busy nights, kids activities that will make you look like the coolest mom, organisation tips and the best hacks out there! {hacks are so in right now – why? Cause we are so busy!}

I am thrilled to have you join us and I am looking forward to hear from you!


Meet Luisa

luisablogpic2 Hi! I am really happy that you’re here !

A bit about me:  I hold many hats: I am a mom, a wife and a worker. My true passion lies in simple things, such as connecting with others, finding my true purpose in life, and spending quality time with the ones I love.

Favourite things:  Aside from spending time with my family, I would say eating pasta (guilty pleasure!) I also enjoy learning new ways to make my family healthier, closer, and stronger. I love sharing what I find on the internet with others so they can be inspired to create a more balanced and fulfilled life.

One of my beliefs:  I believe we are all interconnected in some way and that we have so much to learn from one another.


 Get in touch when you have a sec. Come say hi on Facebook – Pinterest – Twitter!