5 Best sites for new moms

I have put together some awesome sites every new mom should know about. They will save you ton of time, while saving you money and they will make the whole shopping process so much easier! I seriously wish I had known about all of these when I was pregnant and I am super thrilled to share them with you!

5 Best sites for new moms:

 1. Finding the best baby products

The baby li.st website is pure ingenuity. It prevents you from having to spend countless hours browsing the internet searching for the best products. You will find ALL the best baby products in one place. They are also linked to Amazon, Etsy and many other online stores. One word – Awesome!

best sites for mom

All of these products are featured at babyli.st


2. Growth chart

This calculator highlights your baby’s weight percentile based on age and illustrates how your infant’s weight compares to other infants. The percentile tells you what percentage of babies weigh less or more than your baby. With it, you can easily track your baby’s weight progress! It will give you reassurance that your baby is growing fine and if you like to track things, this app is for you! Doctors use it, so why not us?


3. BabyCenter

This site is packed with valuable information. It helps you track your pregnancy and the first years of your child development. It highlights the important milestones, it offers numerous check lists, calculators, forums and amazing articles.


4. Amazon Prime

Getting out of the house with a newborn is challenging at first. Subscribing to Amazon Prime  removes the hassles of having to leave the house. It allows new parents to order the things they need without having to get dress, fix themselves and get out of the house! For new moms, this is priceless!

amazon prime

5. Consumer Report

This site offers consumer reviews on nearly all products, assuring you of making the best purchases for your little one.

Consumer report for kids toys


6. What is your favourite site for new moms?