25 ice cream hacks that everyone should know about

Summer is finally here! And summer screams for ice cream! Here are some of the best ice cream hacks you will ever need and that will make you wonder how you never thought of these. They are darn cute and super practical.

It will certainly bring your ice cream to a yummier level!

25 ice cream hacks

 Ice Cream Hacks

1. Your jar of nutella is almost finished? Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream directly in the jar and enjoy the deliciousness!

2. Looking for an easy party desert idea? Add sprinkles to the side of ice cream sandwiches. Kids will love making them! They are also a perfect for a 4th of July dessert and they are so yummy!

3. Looking for an unique and amazing dessert? Check out Sugar Crusted Brownie Sundaes with Whiskey-Pecan Caramel Sauce

4. If you are like me and you absolutely love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, you will love the simplicity of the Chocolate covered Peanut Butter popsicles.

5. Make an ice cream sandwich in seconds with this awesome ice cream tip

6. Keep you ice cream soft by putting your ice cream box in a closed zip plog bag

7. Make banana nutella ice cream with 4 ingredients

8. Fry your ice cream using corn flakes cereals. If you don’t like fried stuff, you will like this non fried-version that tastes awesome.

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9. You like Sneakers bars? Then, you’ll love the ice cream Sneakers bar and Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Cake

10. You probably love truffles. But how about bringing it to another level and making Oreo ice cream truffles? Now we’re talking, right?

11. You’re hosting a summer party? Candy bar is deja vu. Want to stand out? Go for an ice cream table!

12. Make Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in Cookie Bowls by using a muffin train.

13. Scoop your ice cream like a champ with this awesome scoop.

14. Love eating your ice cream cone. How about your prolong the goodness by making ice cream cone cupcakes?

15. Love chocolate dipped ice cream. You will love this tip. You can use chocolate as a sunday cup!

16. Looking for something original? Make a delicious Taco ice cream finger liking desert!

17. Want to have fun with the kids? Enjoy making these Cookie monster ice cream




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18. Make mini ice cream cakes with a fun-shaped cookie cutter.

19. Looking for something cute and healthy? En joy your ice cream in a apple bowl (see their #16)

20. Make your own Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream. You can add chunks of Reese’s chocolate in this deliciousness. Yummy!

21. Looking for something cool to do with the kids? Make homemade ice cream in a bag. This will make their day.

22. Impress all your guest with this awesome ice cream cake! Only you will know it took you less than 5 minutes to do!

23. Making a sorbet and looking for a cute bowl? You will be charmed by these lemon bowls!

24. Make a statement and have everybody talk about how cool your ice cream cake is with this trick!

25. You love cup cake and also love ice cream. Why not combine the two?

26. What is your favourite ice cream hack?


  • JJ

    Wow, I love all the recipes, definitely gonna give some a try this summer!

  • Thanks for passing by! Happy to hear you enjoyed them!

  • Trista Souza

    Oh my goodness… I want to go out and get some ice cream now. Especially since it was so hot here in Northern Nevada, US today. I love all these ideas especially the mini ice cream cakes idea. My kids would love those. Thanks so much for sharing this and the mango recipes with #momsterslink.

  • Hi Trista! I agree the mini ice cream cakes are absolutely adorable! Perfect size for kids and so yummy! Maybe you’ll have good weather tomorrow 🙂 Super thrilled that you passed by!

  • Wow what an amazing collection of recipes!!! Thank you for linking up with #foodpornthursdays

  • Oh, Thank you! So happy you invited me! It was my first experience and I loved it! Thanks for passing by!

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