25 of the most awesome mango recipes

Mango recipes are in season and we excited to share some of the best mango recipes! You will get to enjoy meals, salads, desserts and drinks!

They are perfect for the summer, lighter and just plain delicious!


25 mango recipes for this summer

 Mango recipes

1. Homemade Lassi Popsicles. These popsicles looks like a premium ice cream and tastes so good!

2. Here is an healthy drink for the summer: Strawberry Orange Mango Kombucha Mocktails.

3. Go back into childhood with these homemade roll ups! The kids will have so much fun with these!

4. Looking for a healthy indulgeance? Frozen Yogurt Cheesecake will do the trick!

5. Want to get “wow” reactions, try out the Mango Upside Down Cake.

6. Love Chicken Teriyaki? You will love the 30 Minute Sesame Chicken Teriyaki 

7. Summer will not be the same without this Salsa.

8. Looking for an awesome summer drink? try out the Rasberry Mango Bellinis. It will be a sure hit!

9. Tres Leches Cake in one word – WOW!

10. Looking for a healthy dinner? Try out the Quinoa Salad with Chicken

11. No bake Mango Cheese Cake See video

12. Mango soufflé

13. Exotic Sangria

14. What a better way to start your day with a smoothie or this tropical smoothie.  If you want to go the extra healthy mile, try out this yummy green smoothie.

15. Like Sorbets. Might  want to try cookie sorbet or this yummy sorbet

16. Cajun Shrimp Tacos With  Salsa

17. Crispy Cashew Coconut Crusted Chicken Tenders With Mango Honey Dip

18. Spice up your salad with this  Dressing

19. Quesadillas are awesome and this one has mango in it! BBQ chicken Quesadillas

20. We know you’ve tried many banana breads. But this one is worth a try: Banana Bread

21. Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Avocado and Mango. These are exquisite!

22. Fruit Salad

23. Want something refreshing? lemonade will do the trick!

24. Soft serve. Pretty much looks like ice cream.

25. Masala Rice Recipe

26. What is your favourite mango recipe?


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